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Affordable Tree Service in Sarasota FL

Trees are a beautiful addition to any property. They provide shade, fresh air, and curb appeal. But they also need care from time to time. If you’re looking for help with your tree service in Sarasota Florida, we can help! We know you have several choices when it comes to tree service. Sarasota Tree Service offers top notch tree service and tree removal in Sarasota & Bradenton for both residential and commercial clients. Whether you have one tree that you need trimmed or removed, or a large area of trees, our Sarasota tree company can help you. We are licensed & insured and have a outstanding reputation for tree service in Sarasota Manatee County.

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Tree Removal in Sarasota

Don’t risk it!
Sometimes, even when we try to save a tree by pruning it or getting rid of bugs and grubs infesting its roots, the inevitable may happen. In some cases this means that our best efforts were not enough– the tree needs to be removed from the area for safety reasons so as not to jeopardize other trees or property in the area. Removing them on your own can seem cheaper and easier but is also unsafe since most don’t know what techniques are appropriate and safe for tree removal. The tree removal work should only be conducted by professionals: licensed tree service companies in Sarasota who have been thoroughly trained in safe practices.

Why Proper Care for the Trees on Your Property is important

Trees give our neighborhoods character, offer clean fresh air, shade from sunny days, and a ton more benefits. They also add a lot to the curb appeal of any home. Yet, while they will grow naturally, they do require attention at times. Trees, like people, can get diseases and need proper care. Taking advantage of the help offered by a local tree service in Sarasota Florida allows homeowners to prevent damage to the tree or their property, make sure the tree is growing correctly, healthy and remove or replace any trees that are growing too close to the home or are otherwise a danger. If you need any help with the trees on your property, our experts can provide the trimming or removal services you need.

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Enjoy the Benefits of a Professional Tree Care Company in Sarasota

You may not see the value of a tree service company until something happens with your trees. Many homeowners overlook their tree’s health, then reap the consequences of their neglect. For this reason, we suggest you have your trees looked at once a year and take action when you see a concern. If you notice an overgrown or a diseased tree, it is time to call a tree service company in Sarasota. Make sure to work with a licensed, professional tree service company in Sarasota or Bradenton that is knowledgeable in tree care and has experience in what your looking for.

If you trim the trees yourself, you risk damaging the tree or injuring yourself with tools you may not know how to use. Trees are alive and need someone that knows how to handle them. Don’t just go for the first tree company in Sarasota that shows up in the search results. It is best to look for a company that can perform the job correctly. Have a professional tree service company in Sarasota take care of this task for you. We have helped Sarasota and Bradenton Florida residents with their tree service needs for over 15 years. We use the industry’s most advanced techniques, so your trees will be healthier and more attractive thanks to our tree care knowledge.

Why we are one of the best tree companies Sarasota offers:

  1. One of Sarasota’s Top Rated Local Tree Service company’s – Sarasota Tree Service dedicated team fully understands the importance of customer service. We will look after you every step of the way, explaining in detail the tree care services we provide, and which solution is suitable for your situation.
  2. Qualified and Highly Trained – Don’t leave your tree care in the hands of someone that is not licensed & insured! They will end up doing more harm than good. Our highly qualified, experienced, and trained team know exactly what they are doing. We adhere to proper pruning methods suggested by The International Society of Arboriculture and we consider the long term health of your trees on your property whenever we begin a job.
  3. Affordable Prices – Our Sarasota tree care company has the best prices in the local area. You really do not need to look any further than us when comparing tree care services in Manatee County! Contact us today, and find out more about our great rates!
  4. Your Satisfaction is a Priority – We are the tree service that over-delivers! We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with any tree care work we carry out, and we won’t leave the job until you are!
  5. Emergency Tree Service – Strong storms and high winds can sometimes knock trees over, cause branches to fall, or leave trees in a state which is a danger to people and property. Call us immediately if you have any trees which have become a hazard. We operate a 24 hour tree emergency service for just these types of emergencies.

Some of the things our customers tell us that they appreciate about are tree service…

  1. We answer the phone or return calls promptly.
  2. We show up on time and if for some reason we are delayed..we call!
  3. All employees wear high visible shirts with our company name on them so you know who belongs there and who doesn’t and we conduct ourselves in a professional manner
  4. We go to GREAT lengths to ensure that your home and property is treated with the utmost respect. We protect adjoining landscape items or structures.   If by chance something is damaged it will be repaired or replaced before payment for services is expected, on that you have our word.
  5. We strive to never inconvenience your neighbors with blocked driveways, etc.
  6. You can expect us to always perform a cleanup after work is finished!                       Some of  the things we do not do:
  1. We never play music on our job sites.
  2. We never allow service personnel to go shirtless
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A little information about Sarasota Florida

Sarasota is just south of Tampa and southeast of St. Petersburg, just over the Skyway bridge. The area known today as Sarasota first appeared on a sheepskin Spanish map from 1763 with the word Zarazote over present day Sarasota and Bradenton. Around 1883 to 1885, The Florida Mortgage And Investment Company Of Edinburgh bought 60,000 acres for development in what is now the City of Sarasota. The municipal government of Sarasota was established when it was incorporated as a town in 1902. John Gillespie was the first Mayor.

Sarasota offers visitors an eclectic blend of culture and fine dining, circus thrills and pristine beaches, and a wide array of shopping opportunities.

The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota pays homage to the Ringlings, the family behind America’s most famous circus. You can check out the old costumes, wagons, and the world’s largest miniature circus. Art lovers can appreciate the largest collections of Rubens canvasses in the world right in Sarasota, plus other works by Old Masters.

You can also tour Ca’ d’Zan Mansion, a magnificent 56-room Venetian Gothic palace and the Ringlings’ old family home. Sarasota has beautiful climate year around.